Here you will find a lot of useful tax information and tools to help you better understand the tax rules and regulations and prepare you for your appointment with us.  New resources have been added, including worksheets to help you prepare for your appointment, new client information forms, and a direct link to many useful IRS tools.

The tax industry has been scrambling to implement the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which went into effect January 1, 2018.  This tax system overhaul, which was largely publicized as “tax simplification,” has done everything but simplify taxes for a lot of taxpayers.  All self-employed taxpayers, rental property owners, and people with dependents in daycare or college will have to file several new schedules in addition to the usual required forms.  Tax policy experts have advised that return preparation will take tax professionals 20% longer to complete this year in comparison to years past.

With these changes, many people may seek professional assistance for the first time.  If you are one of those people, thank you for checking us out.  We responded to tax law changes by adding additional professional education classes to our schedule so that we have the knowledge base necessary to navigate the changes for you.  It is our expectation that every client pays the tax that they owe- not any more, and not any less.  In response to the extra preparation time necessary to complete an accurate return, we have opened the option of not having a sit-down tax appointment- unless you request one.  We did this out of respect for your time and find it a more efficient way of getting your return completed within our seven- day guarantee.

As we enter our 20th year in business, we appreciate the opportunities we have had to serve others over the years.  Our philosophy is simple:  We want every person who comes through our doors to feel welcome and valued as a person, not just a client.  We want every taxpayer to understand their tax return before they sign it and be informed of changes that could be made to save tax dollars in the future.  And, we believe that tax preparation should be fun, and every person should have a laugh and leave with a smile.